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Types of Hotels for Sale in the Midwest

Hotels for sale and hotel interior

A Variety of Hotels for Sale Can Be Found Throughout the Midwest Variety is the spice of life, we’re told, and that holds true for the Midwestern section of the United States. From the Dakotas in the north to Missouri…

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How to Stay Organized During the Hotel Sales Process

Man contemplating hotel sales options

Sorting Out the Complex Hotel Sales Process Real estate can be the biggest investment of anyone’s lifetime, whether it is purchasing a home or purchasing property as a business investment. The process of purchasing real estate is fraught with details…

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Hotel Sales: Income Seasons and Economy Factors

Hotel sales season and economic calculations

Does the Season and Economy Affect Hotel Sales? Hotel sales, or the buying and selling of hotel property, is a large part of the leisure category of the commercial property industry. The leisure property industry can be profitable for a…

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Ownership Strategy: Do This Before You Buy a Hotel

Buy a Hotel and Hand Over Keys

If you want to buy a hotel, first consider these ownership strategy tips. Are you a potential hotel owner? To succeed in any business, you need to have a strategic plan in place. In the very specialized and highly competitive…

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Hotel Brokers on “Qualified Buyers”

Woman Hotel Brokers and Buyers

What do hotel brokers consider to be a qualified buyer? If you have decided to sell your hotel, you’ve most likely been actively searching for a qualified buyer. Simply put, a qualified buyer is an individual or company who is…

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Should I Buy a Hotel Independently or with a Franchise?

Buy a Hotel Illuminated

If you want to buy a hotel, let Southeast International Hotel Brokers help you decide between a franchise or an independent hotel. Have you made the decision to buy a hotel? Now, you need to focus in on exactly what…

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The Importance of Confidential Marketing for Hotel Sales

Hotel Sales and Marketing

If you’re in need of confidential marketing for your hotel sales, we can help. Do you have a hotel property for sale? The hotel sales business is extremely specialized, and there may be a number of reasons you don’t want…

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