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Email Marketing Advice from Southeast International

Southeast International email marketing

Southeast International Advice on Email Marketing for Owners Email marketing has been a lucrative source of customer acquisition and retention for a long time now, but with so much changing in digital communication, it can be easy to forget some…

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Southeast International on Digital Presence

Southeast International and online presence

Southeast International Asks: Does Your Hotel Have an Online Presence? Having an online presence is vital in the age of the internet. This applies as much to hotels and hospitality as any other industry, and Southeast International has some advice…

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Motel Brokers: Location, Location, Location

Motel Brokers Advice: Buy a Motel in a Great Location When you buy a hotel, you probably know how important location is. For motels, location is also extremely important. Motels need to be more strategically placed than hotels in order…

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What Amenities to Offer After You Buy a Hotel

Consider Your Amenities When You Buy a Hotel Most hotels are expected to have a certain amount of amenities. Some amenities are practically required, while some might put your hotel a step above your competitors. When you buy a hotel…

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Inspections You Need When You Buy a Hotel

Get Inspections When You Buy a Hotel When you buy a hotel, you’ll eventually be subject to various inspections. It helps to be prepared and aware of the various inspections that a hotel may need to pass. By staying informed…

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Insurance to Acquire When You Buy a Hotel

You Need to Get Insurance When You Buy a Hotel When you buy a hotel, you’ll inevitably need to get some insurance policies. Any business requires insurance, but do you know exactly what kind of insurance you’ll need? It’s best…

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Hotel Sales: What Factors Go Into Hotel Ratings

Hotel Sales Advice: What Star Ratings Mean It’s pretty easy to get confused about star ratings for hotels. Is there really that big of a difference between a 4-star and a 5-star hotel? The short answer is yes. The breakdown…

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Hotel Sales Crystal Ball: Predicting 2017 Trends

Hotel Sales and 2017 Hospitality Trends As experts in the hotel sales industry, we have to stay on top of the latest hospitality trends. With technology and the economy rapidly growing every year, the hotel industry needs to keep up.…

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