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Motel Brokers Advice: Technology in Your Motel

Motel Brokers Tech

Motel Brokers Give Tips on Motel Technology Here at Southeast International Hotel Brokers, we talk a lot about the newest technology trends for hotels. But what about technology in motels? Motels don’t have as much of an expectation to be…

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Motel Brokers Advice: Motel Security

Motel Brokers Security

Our Motel Brokers Analyze Motel Security As a motel owner, you’re partially responsible for the security of your guests. Certain measures need to be in place to prevent robberies and other issues from occurring. Obviously, this is easier said than…

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After You Buy a Hotel – Marketing to Millennials

Buy a Hotel & Millennials

After You Buy a Hotel: The Millennial Demographic In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of keeping your various demographics in mind when marketing. Today, we’ll look at millennials specifically. Millennials are a huge market for the hospitality industry.…

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