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Using Music to Create Atmosphere in Your Hotel

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Music Can Create Ambiance for Your Hotel

Staying at a hotel is an experience. People do it to get away, relax in luxury, and not have to worry about a thing. Anything hotel owners can do to enhance the experience is sure to have an impact on whether or not a guest wants to stay at your hotel again. Certain aspects of the experience are sometimes overlooked, or you may have not even considered them. Music is a factor that can have a surprisingly profound effect on a guest’s experience. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll talk about using music in your hotel.

Using Music to Create an Experience

Music is a wonderful thing. It has the power to create a certain feeling or atmosphere when it’s used right. Properly curating music in your hotel can enhance a guest’s experience without them even noticing. When guests walk into your lobby, they’re already building their first impressions. Soundtrack this first impression with something to match your design and the vibe you want your hotel to give off.

For instance, if you have a hotel that is focused on health and wellness, and people stay there as a sort of retreat, you could have soothing, spa-like music to put them in a relaxing frame of mind. If you have an upscale hotel, with soaring ceilings and grand chandeliers, you can have a piano player in the lobby, playing classical music. Or, you can just have piano music playing over the speakers. If you have a more modern vibe, you can have some low-key electronica or even jazz playing.

The goal is to match your aesthetic without overwhelming. Music is an especially important consideration if you hold cocktails hours in your lobby area, as many hotels do. Let’s talk about striking the right balance with your music.

Striking a Balance

Remember, your goal isn’t to overwhelm your guests. The goal is to enhance the guest experience without them even noticing. Sure, some of the more musically inclined guests might be paying special attention to the music, but many guests won’t. That doesn’t mean the music isn’t registering with them.


If it’s in the background, but not overly noticeable, music can create a certain ambiance that guests are sure to appreciate. You have to make sure to not play music that would make guests uncomfortable, or music that doesn’t make sense with the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Even if you’re a big hip-hop fan, it might not make sense to be blasting Jay-Z in the lobby of your health and wellness retreat.

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