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Trend Watch: The Latest Environmentally Friendly Hospitality Trends

Eco-Friendly Concept

Recent Green Trends for the Hotel Industry

Sustainability in the hotel industry is still as important as ever. With millennials being such a huge market in the travel industry, it’s hard to ignore their desire for more green practices in the hotels they stay at. Also, it’s good to reduce your footprint on the environment, so implementing eco-friendly practices is a win-win for everyone. With 2018 coming to an end, we decided to look at some of the recent green trends in the hospitality industry.

Newest Environmentally Friendly Hotel Trends

We know going green is important, but what can you do to keep up with the trends? Here are some practices that other hotels have been implementing:


One of the easiest places to implement sustainable practices is your restaurant. If you have a restaurant in your hotel, consider looking into some of these trends:


If Starbucks can do it, so can you. Many companies have started using biodegradable straws as opposed to plastic straws. Plastic straws have a detrimental impact on marine environments and your guests are sure to appreciate your efforts to make the lakes, rivers, and oceans cleaner.

Go Local

Buying local ingredients from local farmers and businesses is a great way to stimulate the economy and be more sustainable. Not only that, but it makes your menu more unique to the area and the ingredients will most likely be much fresher.

Donating Food

Instead of throwing out food at the end of the day, consider donating to a local food shelter. This reduces food waste.

Room Keys

Plastic room keys, like straws, are slowly becoming obsolete. These plastic cards do no favors for the environment, so key cards are starting to be made out of more environmentally-friendly materials. Also, giving guests the option to have their keys on their phone helps too.

Educating Your Guests

Educating your guests about green practices is also a good idea. Not only does it help you to be more environmentally friendly, but it also shows your guests that you’re making the effort. Having a pamphlet in the room that outlines green practices is a good start. Also, you can have guests elect to not have their towels and sheets washed every day. This saves a lot of water and lessens your reliance on chemicals like detergent.   

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