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How to Get Your Hotel on Google Trips

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How to Get Your Hotel on Google Trips

Travel is becoming easier and easier to plan with apps, OTAs, and more. Google Trips has especially made things easier for travelers in the past few years. But how can you best utilize Google Trips to your hotel’s advantage? In this blog, we’ll talk about what Google Trips is and how you can use it to bring in more guests.

What is Google Trips?

Google Trips is a free app, created by Google of course, that helps people plan trips and acts as a travel guide for locations all over the world. It’s linked to your Google account and can make trip itineraries much easier and more streamlined.

Once you have Google Trips set up on your phone, you’ll be given plenty of options to sift through. There are categories such as Reservations, Things to Do, Food & Drink, Getting Around, and more. Each category is informed by your Google search history, meaning it customizes your suggestions based on what it thinks you’ll like. For hotel owners, Reservations is the most important category in the app.

The Reservations category organizes everything for the user including flights, hotels, and rental cars. As a hotel owner, you’ll obviously want your hotel to show up as a suggestion for any would-be traveler to your city. But how do you achieve that?

How Do You Get Your Hotel On Google Trips?

Unfortunately, Google tends to be intentionally vague about what they want businesses to do to show up on their platforms. They’ll give you general guidelines, so you’ll have to go by those. For the most part, you should be able to show up on Google Trips by doing the following things:

  • Make sure your Google My Business is up to date – Your Google My Business should have information like your location, phone number up to date
  • Optimize your website for speed and functionality – Make sure your website is easy to use, intuitive and optimized for both desktop and mobile devices
  • Follow good SEO practices – Perform keyword research, implement metadata, and write authoritative relevant content to help your hotel website rank organically on Google
  • Use Google Hotel Ads – Google Hotel Ads is similar to Adwords and lets guests begin booking directly from your advertisement

If you’re not sure how to do these things on your own, there are various digital marketing guides to help you. You can also hire someone to help you with your digital marketing efforts.

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