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How to Get People Interested in Your Email Marketing

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How to Get People Interested in Your Email Marketing

Reaching out to guests and remarketing to them is a great way to get them coming back. Email marketing is one of the easiest avenues to reach guests who have already stayed with you, but if those emails aren’t engaging, then you won’t be getting anyone. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll talk about email marketing and how to use it.

Why You Should Do Email Marketing

Your website, SEO, social media, and other marketing avenues are all important, but for the hotel industry, email marketing is as powerful as ever. If your guests have signed up for your email list, whether they’re loyalty members or for some other reason, they’re expecting to receive emails from you. They’ve basically opted into receiving offers and advertisements from your hotel. This is something that you’ll definitely want to utilize to the best of your abilities and not let the opportunity go to waste. There are not many remarketing tactics that work better than this method.  

Ways to Get People Interested

Your email list is useless if you’re not sending out emails that get people engaged and interested in what you’re offering. Here are some ways to make your emails stand out:

Clear CTA

Your call-to-action needs to be prominently displayed, to the point, and enticing. You want to make sure to only include one well-done CTA so guests can understand the offer in the email immediately. Make sure the CTA is placed in a way that draws the viewer’s eye. They shouldn’t have to search for the CTA or try to figure out the reason for the email.

Concise Content

People don’t tend to look at an email for marketing purposes for very long. Having a ton of content in your email won’t be very beneficial, because they’re unlikely to read any of it. Having some well-placed headings, eye-catching images, and concise content is the best way to get people to click through to a landing page.

Segment Email Campaigns

Once your email list is big enough, you can start segmenting your email campaigns by the type of traveler. For instance, you can have emails that specifically target business travelers. This personalized content is more likely to drive conversion that just sending the same email to everyone.

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