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Building Backlinks for Your Hotel

Digital marketing is a vital part of hotel marketing. Backlinking is one digital marketing strategy that can help improve search rankings and get your name in front of the right people. But what are backlinks and how do you get them? Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll talk about backlinks and backlinking strategies.

What are Backlinks?

“Backlinks” refer to one website linking to another website in their content. For instance, if you wrote a medical blog and linked to WebMD, you’d be giving them a backlink. To search engines, these backlinks are essentially seen as votes of confidence. In general, the more backlinks a website has, the more authority it has, and the better it ranks organically.

Of course, the links have to be good quality. A spammy link from a comment section is worth next to nothing, while a link from a reputable website such as Forbes, for example, is worth much more according to search engine algorithms. Backlinks are certainly valuable, but how do you get more of them?

Backlink Strategies

Backlinks should definitely be a part of your digital marketing strategy. Hotel websites actually have a lot of backlink potential, but you will have to put some work in to get them. Let’s discuss a few backlinking strategies.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one way to get mutual backlinks between two websites. Let’s say own a boutique hotel in New York City, and you sell a local coffee store’s coffee in your lobby. You could simply ask your coffee bean provider if you could write a blog on their website. Something like “Best Places to Eat in New York City.” Then, you could make sure to include a reference and link to your hotel website somewhere in your blog. This could be the start of a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the person or business you reach out to.

Influencer Links

Social media and travel influencers are huge in the hotel industry, especially if you own an independent hotel. Reach out to a travel blogger or social media influencer and offer to let them stay in your hotel in exchange for a post or review. They will link to your hotel in their post or review, meaning you then have a backlink, along with good publicity.

Link Scraping

This is where you use digital marketing tools to find places on the Internet where your hotel is mentioned but is not linked. You can then reach out to the originators of the article and ask if they could link to your website where they mention it.  

As you can see, there are plenty of methods for building backlinks. The more quality backlinks you get, the better, so keep on reaching out!

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