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Unnecessary Additions for a Hotel Listing

Things to Leave Out of a Hotel Listing

Creating a Listing

A hotel listing is an important part of selling your hotel. A good hotel listing can easily set your property apart from similar properties on the market. You want to make your listing as clear and concise as possible. Serious buyers won’t want to waste their time with listings that tell them things they don’t care about or don’t need to know. Today in the Southeast international Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll give you advice on some things that aren’t necessary to include in your hotel listing.

A Hotel Listing Shouldn’t Include These Things:

Here are some things our hospitality brokers recommend you leave out of your hotel listing:

Low-Quality or Needless Photos

It’s good to have plenty of photos in your hotel listing. It helps give buyers an idea of what they’ll be working with. However, including too many photos can become redundant. Make sure you’re only including photos that show buyers the important parts of the hotel. Pictures of the outside, the lobby, the rooms, and other areas like this are important. Pictures of small details like decorations, counters, and wallpaper aren’t really needed.

Also, make sure all of your photos are high-definition, quality photos. Low-quality photos that are grainy or blurry look unprofessional and don’t help to tell the buyer anything.

Pointless Information or Statistics

We’ve mentioned that a hotel listing should be concise. That means you need to trim it down if you’re including information or statistics that aren’t really important to the buyer. For instance, a buyer will want to know that the location is a metro area near the airport, but do they need to know there are several restaurants nearby? Probably not. Information like this can easily be cut.

Financial Information

Finally, you don’t need to include the financial and performance information in your hotel listing. If a buyer is interested in this information, they’ll have to take the buying process to the next step. Only interested buyers should get access to this type of information. Putting it in your listing means that anyone can see it.

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