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Adjusting Your Hotel Decor Seasonally

Changing Your Hotel to Match the Season

With the seasons changing, it’s time for your hotel to change too! Updating your decor and other aspects of your hotel to reflect the seasonal changes it a good way to keep things fresh for returning guests, and new guests are sure to appreciate it too. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll talk about the benefits of making seasonal changes to your hotel.

Benefits of Making Seasonal Changes

Often, the most common times that people travel and stay at hotels is during holidays and over holiday weekends. These holidays are always associated with a certain season. By changing your decor and more to match the seasons, you’re creating a certain ambiance for your guests that helps them get into the spirit of the holiday.

If you have repeat guests who visit your hotel throughout the year, they’ll want the same experience and guest service that they’re used to, but they’ll also appreciate the subtle changes you make. This gives them something to look forward to when they come back. New guests will also see that you pay attention to detail and it’ll likely nudge them toward becoming a repeat customer too.

Seasonal Changes You Can Make

The seasonal changes you make in your hotel don’t have to be drastic. In fact, subtle changes are often the best. Here are a few ideas:

Update the Decor

First and foremost, slight changes to your decor can go a long way. If you have flowers in the lobby, having some in-season flowers will be a nice touch. Some small decorations here and there can also add a bit of a festive vibe to your lobby. You can even make sure the scents in the air subtly suggest the current season. For instance, having a slight apple scent in the lobby during the fall is sure to put guests in a good mood.

Update the Food

If you have an in-hotel restaurant, try updating the food and cocktail menu to offer more seasonal fare. In summer, people will appreciate lighter food and refreshing cocktails whereas in winter they might prefer something more substantial and a cocktail that will warm them up.

Have Festive Events

You don’t necessarily have to have a big event to make an impression on guests. Having a cocktail hour in the lobby? Make it Christmas themed with hors d’oeuvres that are festive and candy-cane cocktails. This is something that guests will remember and keep in mind when they’re choosing where to stay next time.

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