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What Is a Soft Brand?

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When choosing the type of hotel you want to invest in, one of your choices will be whether you want a franchised or independent property. But, there is another option that has been making waves in the hotel industry recently: a soft brand. What are the details of a soft brand franchise? Is a soft brand something an independent hotel owner should consider? Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll break down what a soft brand is and the possible benefits of becoming a soft brand.

What Is a Soft Brand?

A soft brand is a hotel that looks and feels like a boutique hotel, but it’s affiliated and backed by a major franchise. An example would be the Autograph Collection by Marriott. But what is the point of a soft brand, and how is it beneficial?

What Are the Benefits for Boutique Hotel Owners?

There are quite a few reasons a soft brand is a beneficial venture, such as:

Loyalty Points

One of the biggest advantages for guests is their expanded options for using their loyalty points. Guests chose to be loyal to their chosen brand for a reason; they love the hotel’s brand and aesthetic. But sometimes, staying at the same kind of hotel can get a little stale. A soft brand will be a unique experience for them, as it’s a boutique hotel with its own flair. The perk is they’ll be able to use their loyalty points and earn more for staying there. This, in turn, means more potential customers for the soft branded boutique hotel.

Big Brand Benefits

Since a franchise backs you, you’ll get many of the benefits that come with a franchise property. A larger budget, brand awareness of the parent company, and access to all of their operations infrastructure. Partnering with a franchise means better marketing, more brand association, stronger staffing systems, and more efficient operational methods in place.

Keeping it Unique

All of this backing is great, but you also get to keep what makes your boutique hotel unique. The point of soft brands is they don’t feel like the parent brand’s typical offerings. You can still maintain your theme, your aesthetics, the lifestyle and wellness factors, and anything else that makes the boutique hotel stand out. 

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