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Ways to Improve Customer Retention

Emailing a customer

Customer retention is extremely important in the hospitality industry. If you have good customer retention, it means you have a constant, almost guaranteed source of income on a fairly regular basis. There are plenty of ways to improve your customer retention. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll provide some advice.

Importance of Customer Retention

Although you want to be attracting new guests, the value of your loyal guests can’t be understated. It’s actually less expensive to retain guests than it is to acquire new ones. Not only will you have guests that come back to your hotel again and again, you get free marketing and promotion along with their business. If a guest is loyal to your hotel, they’re likely to recommend it to friends and family.

Also, a loyal guest is likely to book your hotel directly instead of using an online travel agency. In short, you get a loyal customer, reduced costs acquiring guests, free marketing, and more direct bookings. It’s easy to see why customer retention should be a high priority.

How to Improve Yours

Here are some strategies to improve your customer retention:

Improve Your Email Marketing

When you have loyal guests, you have a built-in email list to remarket to. Take advantage of this by sending them emails that actually interest them. Don’t send emails that say things like “rooms are going fast, book soon!” You don’t want to be a pushy salesperson to guests that already frequent your hotel. Send them things they care about, like new attractions in the area they might be interested in.

Personalize Rewards

Make sure your reward system is diverse enough for all your guests to find something to love. By having a wide variety of rewards you can guarantee that almost all of your loyalty members will view their loyalty card as valuable.

Personalize the Experience

Good customer service can’t be beaten when it comes to making guests happy. Everything from the front desk to the small coffee shop you have in the lobby should be dedicated to friendly, personalized customer service. If you show guests you care, they’re sure to want to come back.

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