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Using Messaging for Guest Engagement

Direct messaging app

New technologies are continually emerging in the hotel industry. Staying on top of these trends is vital if you want to stay relevant, but that’s why you also need to weed out the trends that don’t have lasting potential. In this Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll be shifting our focus to direct messaging and how it can be applied to the hotel industry.

What is Direct Messaging?

Direct messaging is basically a much faster, more evolved version of texting. Apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are good examples of direct messaging. These messages are also secured through encryption. The benefit of direct messaging is how immediate the interaction is between the communicating parties. The only lag time is how long it takes for someone to create and send their message.

How is it Applied to the Hospitality Industry

Direct messaging has a variety of applications in the hospitality industry, including:

Quick and Easy Customer Service

Direct messaging allows for near instantaneous customer service, thanks to live chatting. This means customers can quickly get the answers they’re looking for and communicate with the hotel customer service staff if needed.


Direct messaging can also be used to obtain direct feedback from your guests. Of course, they can always do a survey about how their stay was after they leave, but pre-stay surveys can also be extremely useful. A guest can take one of these surveys and give details you wouldn’t have known beforehand, such as their expectations and preferences. This helps you better personalize and tailor the experience to each guest.


Direct messaging can help increase your upselling capabilities. Direct messaging allows you to send your guests promotions and deals during their stay, such as a coupon for the hotel restaurant. Or maybe you could offer them a room upgrade for a discounted rate before their stay. These simple opportunities can add up extensively over time.

Direct messaging is a fairly new technology in the hotel industry and the avenues it can be used for are still being explored. By jumping on this technology early, your hotel can be ahead of the curve and evolve along with it.

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