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Trend Watch: Wellness Hospitality

Hotel Trends: Implementing Wellness Hospitality in Your Hotel

Wellness Hospitality Concept

People are very attracted to the wellness trend, and hotels that use it well have definitely reaped the benefits. It’s enough to make everyone want to jump on the trend as well. However, implementing wellness hospitality in your hotel is more than just adding a sauna and some massage tables. If you’re going to embrace the wellness trend, you need to make sure it’s not a half-hearted attempt. People will be able to tell if your new additions were just an afterthought to capitalize on the hottest new thing.

What is the Wellness Trend?

Wellness is a multilayered trend. It’s often viewed as just having a spa in your hotel, but it’s a lot more than that. The focus is on relaxing on vacation in a healthful and rejuvenating way. Where some people like to use vacation as an opportunity to overindulge, people on wellness vacations like to treat themselves in a way that isn’t unhealthy.

How to Implement It

There are several different things you can do to start implementing wellness trends in your hotel.

Start With the Rooms

Rejuvenation is a big theme in wellness hospitality, and rest and rejuvenation starts with a good night’s sleep. That’s why a hotel room focused on wellness should be the ideal sleeping environment. Things like making sure the room has superior sound-proofing, clean air, and luxury spa products in the bathroom is a good start.

The beds also should contour to the body to give guests the most comfortable sleep possible. Having some things like mineral water and yoga mats in the room is a nice touch too. Make sure the room is painted in soothing colors and the decor is calming.

Healthy Food and Drink

If you have a restaurant in your hotel, you’ll want to make sure there are plenty of health food options. Also, you’ll want to make sure you can accommodate for a variety of diets and dietary restrictions. Offering vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options is a good start. You can also offer some health-focused options such as cold-pressed juices or herbal teas.

Spas and Fitness Centers

Of course, having a spa and a good fitness center is also a big part of wellness hospitality. If you’re going to dive into the wellness hospitality trend, make sure you focus on making these two aspects of your hotel high-end and tailored to guest experience. Without a quality spa and gym, wellness travelers won’t view your hotel as a serious option for their stay.

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