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Trend Watch: Our Hotel Sales Experts Analyze Hotel Restaurant Trends

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Hotel Sales Trends: Hotel Restaurants

As industry leaders in the hotel sales industry, we are constantly keeping an eye on the newest hotel trends. The landscape of restaurants and dining experiences for hotels is an ever-changing to keep up with the expectations and tastes of new generations. Today, the hotel sales team at Southeast International Hotel Brokers is putting a magnifying glass to these restaurant trends. Read on to see our analysis and if these trends are here to stay.

What are the Newest Trends?

Trends can be volatile, but our hotel sales team thinks some of the following trends aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Artisan Everything

Curation is the current name of the restaurant game. People want highly customized, specialty foods, cocktails, coffee, etc. Luxury hotels have taken to hiring expert mixologists for their bars, baristas for their coffee shops, and high-level chefs for their food menus. When people stay at a luxury hotel, they want luxury everything. This means the finest ingredients with the most unique recipes. The artisan trend is so far-reaching, some hotels even have artisan butchers.

Local Sourcing

Expanding on the artisan trend, guests want the food to be locally sourced. It shows that your hotel supports the community and gives the guests a taste of the city they’re staying in. For instance, a hotel in Maine that locally sources their lobster for their lobster bisque will be very impressive to the guests. It gives them a sense of literally getting a taste of the local flavor.


This is a huge trend in the food industry in general. It comes as no surprise that it especially applies to hotels. When people are on vacation, they’d prefer to sleep in. Brunch gives them a late morning/early afternoon dining option. Brunch has become an experience for many people. It’s a gathering of friends, and many brunches offer bottomless mimosa and bloody mary options, which appeals even further to people who are on vacation.

Should I Implement Some of These Changes?

So, the question you may be asking yourself is how important it is for your hotel specifically to implement some of these trends? Well, that depends on the experience you’re offering. Obviously, if you’re a franchised hotel, you’ll have certain guidelines you’ll have to adhere to. Chances are corporate has already made these changes mandatory if you’re a luxury brand.

If you have an independent hotel, it’s up to you if you want to be a luxury or boutique experience. If your hotel is meant to be a place for a quick stay while people are traveling, these trends may not be worth your effort, but if you want to create a personal and unique experience, these trends are essential. Make a comprehensive plan to implement the trends that make the most sense for your goals and budget. Our hotel sales team always recommends that you try to appeal to the widest variety of customers, but don’t overdo it to a point that you can’t afford.

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