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Trend Watch: Bleisure

How to Capitalize on the Bleisure Trend

Business person enjoying vacation

Mixing business with pleasure has always been something business travelers would do on a work trip. Hotels took notice and now there’s a full-blown trend catering to this type of hotel guest. Bleisure is a serious trend with a silly name, but it’s one that can be very profitable for your hotel.

What is Bleisure?

Often, when someone is sent on a work trip, they’ll finish their work and go to their meetings, and then stay for a couple of days afterward to enjoy the city. The mixing of business with leisure is where the name for this trend comes from.

Extending a work trip in this way is commonplace and is great for hotel owners. More and more people are participating in this trend, especially the millennial market. These are bleisure travelers and it’s a demographic that you definitely want to cater to. If they have a good experience, they’re likely to choose your hotel again the next time they’re on a business trip or a trip solely for leisure.

How to Capitalize on this Trend

If you’re looking to capitalize on the bleisure trend, there are some things you can do:

Offer Incentives

What you really need to do is give these travelers another reason to stay. The appeal of enjoying the city in a non-business sense is already enticing, but giving them incentives can offer that extra push.

Try offering discounted rates for staying an extra day or two. Refer them to the concierge for some fun things to do in the city if they stay longer. Adding some bleisure features to your loyalty program will definitely help you stick out in their mind the next time they’re looking to stay in your city.

Make Sure You’re Equipped for the Business Aspect

Of course, you can’t get bleisure travelers in the door if you’re not well-equipped for the business part of their trip. High-speed internet, meeting rooms, and workspaces are all essential to their experience.

Advertise Yourself as Bleisure Oriented

It doesn’t hurt to put it out there that your hotel is perfect for the bleisure crowd. You can do this through content marketing and social media. You can even advertise special promotions to try and get some extra business in the door.

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