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Transition Tips from Hotel Brokers: Telling Staff About the Sale

Hotel Brokers and Hotel Staff

Hotel Brokers Advice: Do Staff Need to Be Informed About the Sale?

One of the trickiest transition aspects of selling your hotel is letting staff know about your sale. They will eventually find out, so the question is how and when will you tell them? This all depends on you and your policies with your staff. That being said, there are some best practices and methods of going about this transitional process. Many hotel owners have sold through Southeast International Hotel Brokers, so we’ve gathered some advice and best practices to help you decide how you want to go about this conversation. Remember to choose Southeast International Hotel Brokers when you’re ready to sell, and make the hotel sales process go as smooth as possible.

When to Tell Staff About the Sale?

Again, this is at your discretion, but you definitely don’t want to tell staff about the sale until the deal is finalized. Telling them about a potential sale will only get them worried for no reason. Once the sale is finalized, you can choose to tell your staff right away, or you can tell them closer to the official transition. Keep in mind, the hotel sales process isn’t always an inconspicuous process, so there’s a chance that staff may become suspicious or information may leak out and cause rumors. We work to ensure the confidentiality of your sale throughout the process.

How to Handle Telling Your Staff?

When you’ve decided to tell your staff, you should consider how best to handle the conversation. Perhaps a formal letter would work, but, in most cases, calling a staff meeting is the best option. First, you should tell upper management so they know exactly what’s going on, and maybe even discuss how best to go about telling the rest of the staff. After that, you can call a full staff meeting. The optimal approach would be to agree with the buyer to have the meeting together, so the staff can meet the new owner. You can meet with the buyer beforehand to discuss your strategy. If the staff meet the new owner, they’ll be less apprehensive about this unknown entity coming and taking over out of nowhere. They can be reassured that their jobs are safe and that changes will be minor. Of course, this is up to the buyer, but it’s important for you to offer to make the transition for them as easy as possible.

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