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Tips from Our Hotel Brokers: Holiday Marketing for Your Hotel

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Our Hotel Brokers Break Down Holiday Marketing

As the holiday season draws near, it’s a good idea to start integrating some holiday themes into your marketing. Keep in mind, this depends on what kind of hotel you have. Holiday marketing for one hotel may be different than others. So how does this work, and what’s the best way to market for your hotel? Today, in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we explain holiday marketing in more depth.

Holiday Marketing Could Help Your Holiday Revenue

Often, the holidays can be a busy time for hotels. Travel holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas can be very profitable for the hotel industry. One way to drive this revenue and potentially bring more guests in is to implement some holiday marketing. When guests are in the spirit of the holidays, they like to see that the place they’re staying is too. The right holiday marketing approach can make guests choose your hotel for their holiday accommodation needs. There are quite a few ways to market your hotel for the holidays, so here are some of the best tactics our hotel brokers have seen.

Ways to Market for the Holidays

Once you’ve decided to engage in holiday marketing tactics, it’s time to decide how you’ll go about it.

Use Your Web Presence

Perhaps the easiest method, and the best at getting your message out there, is to use your web presence. If you have a decent social media following, you can make some holiday-themed posts about your hotel and staying there over the holidays. You can even put some holiday themes or banners on the homepage of your website. Another option is to send a marketing email blast that’s holiday themed. Anything that you plan on doing for the holidays, make sure you’re sharing it on the web. For instance, if you have a restaurant, and you plan on offering holidays specials or holiday-themed cocktails, advertise this too. The more you can make your holiday marketing efforts known the better.

Use Your Storefront

Of course, you could always do your holiday marketing the old-fashioned way. By decorating the exterior and interior of your hotel for the holidays, you may be able to attract guests through word of mouth. Seeing lights and other decorations can evoke an emotional response in people, and it might be enough to encourage them to stay at your hotel next time they’re in town or if they’re looking for somewhere to stay over the upcoming holiday season.

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