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The Benefits of Voice Technology for Your Hotel

There are plenty of technologies out there that can improve the hotel experience for your guests. Of course, not every new technology is necessarily worth investing in and implementing. Because of this, it’s important to separate the worthwhile from the fads that won’t last. One intriguing technology that has been making waves in the hotel industry the past few years is voice technology. In this Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll talk about ways voice technology can be used and how it can improve the guests’ experience.

How Voice Technology is Used in Hotels

There are several options out there for voice technology. The biggest examples include Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri. Amazon is paving the way in this area for the hotel industry with their Alexa for Hospitality solution.

Using voice assistants, you can give guests easy and convenient control of their room. They can control lights, the TV, the heating and A/C unit, and music all from the comfort of their bed. Plus, connecting the voice assistant to your hotel’s front desk can make things easier for your staff too. Things such as ordering room service, calling more towels to the room, setting up a wake-up call, and more can all be done through the voice assistant.

How It Can Improve Guest Experience

Obviously, this ease of use and convenience will significantly enhance the guest experience. Instead of going into their hotel room and trying to find the lights, attempting to adjust everything to their liking, or even something as simple as finding the perfect TV channel, they can ask their voice assistant to do it for them.

In short, voice technology makes the experience much more personalized for the guests. Hands-free voice assistance is becoming increasingly important in the hotel industry, so voice technology is definitely worth implementing in your hotel.

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