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Selling a Hotel: Selling Seasonal Resorts

Selling a Hotel Resort

Selling a Hotel: Seasonal Resort Tactics

Selling a hotel isn’t always a straightforward process. Different types of hotels will attract different buyers and need different types of marketing to get them sold. That’s why companies like Southeast International Hotel Brokers exist. Buying or selling a hotel isn’t a process most people are familiar with, but it’s our specialty. Today we’ll be talking about a specific kind of hotel sale: seasonal resorts.

How to Market a Seasonal Resort

Resorts tend to do best during the warmer seasons, especially summer. Winter resorts, such as ski resorts, do exist of course, but they’re not as widespread since they’re very location-specific. The point is, when you’re selling a hotel that’s seasonal, it should be marketed as such. The high seasons will be when it’s most profitable, and this, of course, will be reflected in the financial statements. Thus, the seasonal profits will be obvious to any potential buyers, but revenue potential should be year-round. This is what buyers will be looking for out of a seasonal resort. Make sure you’re clearly marketing the amenities and attractions that draw guests in year round. Informed buyers won’t be as interested if these types of opportunities aren’t possible or available.

Is Selling a Resort Different than Selling a Typical Hotel?

Overall, selling a resort isn’t much different than selling a hotel. The biggest difference will be the potential buyers you attract. Typically, resorts are high-end properties. This means that they’ll most likely be attracting experienced buyers who can handle a property of that magnitude. This is good news when you’re selling a hotel because it means that you’ll mostly be dealing with buyers who are extremely experienced. When you work with Southeast International Hotel Brokers, the process becomes even easier and more streamlined. We have experience helping clients sell a wide variety of hotels, and resorts are no different in this respect.

Selling a Hotel with Southeast International Hotel Brokers

If you’re buying or selling a hotel, choose Southeast International Hotel Brokers. Our knowledgeable team is prepared to help you throughout the buying and selling processes. When you work with us, selling a hotel doesn’t have to be a burden. We make it as easy and streamlined as possible. No matter what type of hotel you’re selling, our vast network will help to connect you with qualified and experienced buyers. For more information and to speak with a member of our incredible team, please contact us today.