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Selling a Hotel: Marketing the Special Features

Marketing Features when Selling a Hotel

Selling a Hotel with Features

When you’re selling a hotel, it’s important to always put your best foot forward. Showing buyers what makes your hotel great is sure to help you sell your hotel faster. You definitely need to be comprehensive with the information that you provide potential buyers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t highlight some special features in your hotel listing. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we talk about the importance of marketing your special features when selling a hotel.

What Constitutes a Special Feature?

What do we mean when we’re talking about special features? A special feature can be just about anything in your hotel that sets it apart or that you might not find in all hotels. Even a pool can be considered a special feature, especially if it’s a nicer one. Other special features you may want to highlight are restaurants, spas, state-of-the-art fitness centers, hot tubs, saunas, walking trails, courtyards, and more. If your special features create profit for your hotel, they’ll be even more desirable for prospective buyers.

How to Market Them to Prospective Buyers

When you’re selling a hotel, reaching quality buyers is half the battle. The other half is showing them that you have a property worth investing in. A big part of this is creating a high-quality hotel listing. Your hotel listing will show potential buyers everything your hotel has to offer, including the special features. In fact, you can dedicate part of your listing to highlighting the special features in your hotel. Just make sure that you’re giving complete information as to what the features consist of, and include a variety of high-quality photos of these features. Also, if the special features bring in revenue, you’ll want to have that information readily available for buyers who are interested in making offers.

Selling a Hotel with Southeast International Hotel Brokers

If you’re planning on selling a hotel, choose Southeast International Hotel Brokers. Our hotel brokerage team has the experience you need to give you the best chance of selling your hotel. We have a vast network and hotel listing service that will help you reach qualified buyers. Also, our team will walk you through the entire process of selling a hotel, making it as easy as possible. For more information about our brokerage services, or to speak with a hospitality broker, contact Southeast International Hotel Brokers today. We look forward to speaking with you.