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Recruiting Quality Hotel Employees

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a hotel’s success depends on customer service. After all, it is the hospitality industry. To provide excellent customer service, you need outstanding service professionals. No matter what processes you have in place, if you don’t have quality employees, those processes won’t amount to much. You can ensure your hotel provides the best customer service possible by recruiting high-quality employees. But how should you go about this? Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll provide some information on talent recruitment for the hospitality industry.

How to Recruit Quality Talent

So we know attracting quality talent is important, but how do you go about doing it? Here are a few ideas:

Create a Compelling Career Page

When talented individuals are looking for jobs, they often want to know as much as possible about their future position. They ask these questions because highly qualified individuals realize they don’t necessarily have to settle. By having a career page on your website, you can give them a little bit more insight on what they can expect if they work for your company. Your career page can include things such as perks, benefits, work culture, and more. Include anything that might make a candidate more interested in applying for a position at your company. Of course, make sure to include a section they can submit their application!

Offer Unique Perks and Benefits

A talented and qualified potential applicant knows they’ll be able to get a position that has the typical benefits of a health plan, 401k, and the like, but you can set your company apart by offering unique benefits and perks. Things like a flexible work schedule are perks that can easily attract a quality candidate.

Reach Out to Colleges

If you’re looking to fill some higher positions right away, this option doesn’t work quite as well. But if you’re looking to set up a potentially talented individual for a long term career, this tactic can do wonders. Reach out to local colleges with hospitality management programs to see if their students might be interested in an entry-level or management training position. This is something these students will be passionate about, so it’s an excellent way to potentially get a loyal, talented employee.

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