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Our Hospitality Brokers Gives Tips on Marketing Seasonal Hotels

Hospitality Brokers Advice: Driving Sales for Seasonal Hotels in the Off-Season

Seasons Changing

If your hotel tends to do better in a particular season due to its geographical location, you may need to adjust your marketing in the off-season to remain profitable. With the right strategies in place, you can help to drive business and make up for the slow off-season. Today our hospitality brokers give some advice on marketing for seasonal hotels.

Marketing Ideas for Seasonal Hotels

Here are some marketing ideas our hospitality brokers recommend:

Offer Discounts

Obviously, your first course of action would be to offer discounted rates during the slower season. Make sure you’re actively marketing these discounted rates so your potential customers are aware of them. Show them the value in the discount too. Of course, this isn’t the ideal way to bring in business, but it can work. Alternatively, try offering off-season packages.

Off-season Vacation Packages

By creating special packages for the off-season, people may become more interested in staying at your hotel. Create something specific to your city and your hotel that will add more value to a guest’s stay. Creating an enticing vacation package could bring more people in the door and encourage them to stay longer.

Research the Success of Other Hotels

If you notice that other hotels in the area are doing well in the off-season, try to find out why that is. Researching market trends can help clarify what people are looking for in the off-season, which can help you perfect your marketing strategies. You can also research hotels in other areas that make the most of their off-season to get even more data.

Focus on Building Your Customer Base

Of course, you could always view the slow season as an opportunity for growth and relationship building. Reach out to your current long-time customers and new customers alike with separate email marketing campaigns. Try to build and perfect your database. Generate excitement for the upcoming season. By focusing your marketing efforts on making the busy season even busier, you can make the most of your downtime in the slow season.

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