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Operating Extended Stay Hotels: Pros and Cons

Running an Extended Stay Hotel

Extended Stay Hotel

There are all kinds of hotels and motels out there with differing business models. Some are economy, some are boutique, some are kitschy, some are luxury. These different types of hotels and motels all appeal to different travelers and the experiences they want to have. But sometimes, hotels and motels are more utilitarian. That’s where extended stay hotels come in. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll talk about extended stay hotels and how they might be profitable.

What is an Extended Stay Hotel?

An extended stay hotel or motel is defined right in the name. It’s somewhere a guest can stay for a fairly long time at a reasonable price. Most people stay at hotels for about 3 days on average, sometimes a little longer. At extended stay hotels, people usually stay at least a week, sometimes a month, sometimes much longer. It all depends on their circumstances and their reasons for staying.

If you have an extended stay hotel or motel, it’ll need to be marketed a bit differently. You’re not so much selling the experience as you’re selling the usefulness and convenience. Let’s talk about a couple of reasons someone might want to book a room at an extended stay hotel.

Reason People Need Extended Stay

At an extended stay hotel or motel, you’ll want to keep your rooms filled as often as possible. Here are some possible candidates that you could market to who would use an extended stay hotel:

People Between Homes

If someone is moving out of an apartment or home to a new one, but they have time in between one lease ending and the other starting, they might look to an extended stay hotel as their solution. This gives them an affordable, comfortable option while they wait for their new home to be ready to move into.

People on Long Vacations

Sometimes people want to take a long vacation somewhere, but they’re doing it on a budget. Or they might not have a tight budget, but they don’t see the sense in paying upwards of $100 a night on accommodations if they’re staying a whole month. This is where an extended stay hotel or motel can be very useful.


Sometimes people may have to work in a location for an extended period of time, but not long enough to find a place to live there. An extended stay hotel can be their perfect solution. You’ll want to make sure your extended stay hotel or motel has high-speed Internet and other accommodations for the business traveler.

Appealing to these demographics is a great way to start increasing revenue and get guests in the door at your extended stay hotel.

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