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Motel Brokers Advice: Technology in Your Motel

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Motel Brokers Give Tips on Motel Technology

Here at Southeast International Hotel Brokers, we talk a lot about the newest technology trends for hotels. But what about technology in motels? Motels don’t have as much of an expectation to be up to date when compared to hotels. That doesn’t mean you can slack though. Customers still expect certain technological amenities and will be disappointed if they don’t have those options available. Read the analysis from our motel brokers to see what we recommend having in your motel.

Why Implement Technology in Your Motel?

We live in an age that’s driven by technology. As we speak, you’re probably reading this on a mobile device that wouldn’t have even been possible ten years ago. You or someone you know may have even waited in line for hours just to get the latest smartphone or the newest TV. To say that technology is valuable to people would be an understatement. People love their tech. At this point, the question isn’t whether you should implement technology in your motel, it’s how much you should implement. Not having any amenities is simply not an option when being competitive in the hospitality industry. According to our motel brokers, the cost of implementing technology is far outweighed by the benefits.

What Kind of Technology Amenities Should I Implement?

You know you need to have some measure of technology in your motel rooms, but how far do you need to go. The first essential is Wi-Fi. Nothing signifies an out of touch motel like the lack of Wi-Fi Internet. Also, our motel brokers recommend that you make it free for guests. If they can sneak into their local coffee shop and use Wi-Fi for free, they should be able to get it in the room they’re paying to stay in. Another essential is a decent TV. The old school boxy TVs won’t work, nor will the old school plasma screens. You should have flat screen LED TVs for your customers to use, as well as some HD channels to go along with them. The TV doesn’t need to be very big. As long as it isn’t old, people will appreciate it. After those two essential items, the rest is up to you as the owner. Some motels are even blurring the lines between their motels and budget hotels by adding more tech options to entice guests to stay with them. Things such as Smart TVs, so guests can log into their Netflix accounts is a great example of this. It’s a fairly inexpensive upgrade, but it makes a world of difference for your guests.

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