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Looking Forward: Trends to Check Out in 2019

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Looking Forward: Trends to Check Out in 2019

With a new year comes new trends. The hotel industry is ever-changing and only gets more exciting as the years go by. Technologies, travel habits, and more are in constant flux and it’s a good idea to stay in the know to stay on top of what people are wanting out of their travel experience. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll talk about some trends to look out for in 2019.

Trends that Will Be Big in 2019

Here are some of the trends that are going to be shaping the industry this year:

Seamless Technology Integration

People are starting to get used to technology in hotels being intuitive and easy to use. There are a variety of ways to implement technology in your hotel, many of which are now commonplace. Most hotels should have mobile apps where guests can book their room, use their loyalty points, and more. Other technologies include having a digital assistant in hotel rooms, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Minimalist Design

Minimalism has been popular in recent years, but expect it to come to the forefront in 2019. People like rooms that are simple, clean, and comforting. A minimalist design creates a sense of relaxation, which brings us to our next trend.

Health and Wellness

The health and wellness trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Vacations were always meant to be relaxing, but health and wellness trends are meant to bring this to the next level. Staying somewhere that has spa treatments, healthy food options, and wellness programs are preferable for this kind of traveler. It may be worth looking into adding some of these amenities in 2019.

More Data

Hoteliers have more access to customer data than ever. This is a great way to learn about customer preferences and better customize your amenities to meet the needs of your client base. This helps you to best decide what trends you should and shouldn’t follow, based on what people in your city are looking for.

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