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Intangible Properties that Enhance Guest Experience(music, atmosphere, mood)

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Improving the guest experience is always at the forefront of a hotel owner’s mind. You may be looking at every aspect of your hotel and how things can be better. The more intangible qualities, such as music and atmosphere, are sometimes overlooked. The fact is, these qualities can make a big difference, whether the guest realizes it or not. In this Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll talk about what you can do to enhance the intangible qualities of your hotel.

Importance of Guest Experience

Guests have a wide variety of different expectations when they decide to stay at a hotel. Some are just looking to stay for a night or two and relax on their business trip. Some just want a decent place to sleep while they’re visiting the city. But most guests expect their hotel to be somewhat of an experience.

Maybe not as eclectic of an experience as the city itself, but they still want their hotel stay to be memorable. The more memorable the guest’s experience is, the more likely they are to be a loyal guest for life. That’s why paying attention to even the smallest details of an experience is essential.

Intangible Enhancements

Here are some intangible elements of your hotel that can enhance your guest’s experience:


Music can have a visceral emotional effect on people. Every element in a piece of music can contribute to evoking a certain emotion. Music in a minor key can feel melancholic or sad, while music in a major key can sound happy and uplifting.

Different tempos can also affect people on a psychological level. Downtempo music can be calming while uptempo music can be more energizing and upbeat. There’s a reason spas typically play soft, calming music and grocery stores play more upbeat pop songs. One is meant to help you relax while the other is used to keep you alert and encourage you to buy more.

Choosing music for your hotel, specifically the lobby and lounge areas, is all about intent. If your hotel has a certain vibe, the music should match. If you’re looking to create an upscale atmosphere, lowkey classical music can help to enhance this. If you’re a wellness hotel, downtempo electronic music can help to create a calming effect. Setting the tone with music can do a lot to help shape a guest’s opinion about your hotel’s atmosphere.


Music isn’t the only contribution to the atmosphere you need to consider. Other factors such as decor, the smells, and the sights of your hotel all work toward creating a unique aesthetic for your property. Let’s look at the wellness hotel example again.

A wellness hotel can have the music we talked about, but if the walls are painted with harsh, overly bright colors and garish decorations, the atmosphere is ruined. A wellness hotel should have soft, inviting tones, relaxing decorations such as live plants and wood accents, and scents that evoke relaxation, such as lavender. All of these elements together go a long way toward creating a complete atmosphere for your hotel.

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