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Ideas for Marketing During the Shoulder Season

Ideas for Marketing During the Shoulder Season

The shoulder season certainly isn’t the busiest time for the hotel business, but it’s still ripe with opportunities. With the right marketing tactics, you can bring in plenty of guests during this time. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll talk about some of these opportunities and give you some ideas.

Use the Shoulder Season as an Opportunity

As you may already know, the shoulder season is the sweet spot between the high season and the holidays and the slower, low season. Well-seasoned travelers know that the shoulder season is one of the best times to visit their destination of choice, due to the favorable weather conditions and the more reasonable prices. As a hotel owner, you can certainly take advantage of this and try to get more people to choose your hotel during this time instead of your competitors. With the right marketing, this can be fairly easy to do.

Marketing Ideas

Here are some marketing ideas you can implement during the shoulder season:

Make it Easier for Travelers to Upgrade Their Trip

One of the most attractive things about the shoulder season for guests is the fact that their flights and accommodations cost much less than they would during the high season. Make sure you discount all of your rates accordingly. Even the higher end suites. If a potential guest sees a good enough deal for a higher end room, they may be willing to pay the extra money because they know they normally wouldn’t be able to get it for as good of a price.

Don’t Forget to Advertise Your Event Space

Corporate events and meetings happen year round, so make sure you’re not neglecting the marketing for that side of the business during the shoulder season. One big event could significantly increase your revenue for the month. It’s even better if you’re able to book an annual event that will continue to return in following years.

Advertise the Events Going On in Your Area

If you have a hotel blog (and you probably should), make sure to let people know about what’s going on in your area during the shoulder season. If they found you as their resource for trip planning, they’re more likely to go with you for their accommodation too.

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