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How to Make Your Concierge Service Worthwhile

Concierge helping guest

If you have an upper-scale hotel, your guests will have certain expectations beyond a regular hotel. You need to foster loyalty from these guests by making their experience stand out. Your concierge service is a great way to do this. A concierge can help a guest to have an incredibly memorable trip and, if they do a good enough job, that guest will want to come back to your hotel for the concierge service alone. In this Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll discuss how your concierge service can provide a lot of value for your guests.

What Makes a Good Concierge

In a previous blog, we talked about what you should look for when hiring a concierge. Let’s recap some of those points. A good concierge should:

  • Be extremely organized
  • Be very friendly and personable
  • Be diligent
  • Be knowledgeable about the city and the events going on

Once your concierge service has these vital foundational aspects in place, you can start implementing some changes to add even more value for your guests.

Adding Value to Your Concierge Service

There are several ways you can arm your concierge with the tools they need to bring their service to the next level. Here are a few ideas:

Make Sure They Can Make Good Recommendations

It’s hard for a concierge to make a recommendation if they haven’t experienced an event or tasted a particular famous local food themselves. The best hotels will send their concierges to the newest events and restaurants so they can make recommendations to guests that they can fully stand behind.

Make Sure They Take Care of Everything

Hotel guests will often look to their concierge as a trip planner. An extremely proficient concierge will plan out everything for their guests, including restaurants, rides, events, and more. This way the guest doesn’t have to worry about a thing; they just show up for their scheduled plans and enjoy their trip. This attention to detail and dedication to guest experience will have them coming back to your hotel again and again just to see the concierge.

Go the Extra Mile

A concierge with connections is a truly great concierge. Maybe your guests can’t get that reservation at the new restaurant, or tickets to that popular show, but their concierge can. If your concierge can hook customers up with something that would have otherwise been unavailable or difficult to get, they’ll really stand out.

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