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How to Get Your Revenue and Marketing Teams to Work Better Together

Sales and marketing are two completely different departments, yet they share very similar goals. Both have the end goal of attracting more customers. These teams function relatively well on their own, but if you can get them on the same page, you can bring your hotel to the next level. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll give you some insight on getting your marketing and sales team on the same page.

Why These Teams Need to Coordinate

Sales and marketing need to coordinate so you don’t have cognitive dissonance in the way you’re marketing yourself and the way the sales team are making their sales. A marketing and sales strategy needs to be cohesive, so your company’s brand doesn’t get muddled. Not only that, but these teams working collaboratively can lead to bigger return on investment. By making sure these two teams are on the same page, you ensure there isn’t any conflict between them. So now that we know why it’s important to get these two working together, how do you go about doing it?

How to Make It Happen

Here are some ways to get your sales and marketing team working together:

Have Sales Elaborate on Customer Experiences

Sales will be talking to customers on a daily basis. This gives them a lot of insight on what customers like about the company, if they like the marketing message, and what does and doesn’t connect with them. By elaborating on these points, marketing can get a better idea of customer experience and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly.

Explain the Marketing Strategy to Sales

Of course, you’re likely to have a marketing strategy with overall goals that you want to hit. Sales should understand what these goals are and get on page with the marketing message you’re trying to convey. You don’t want your sales team going directly against your marketing departments efforts, otherwise both teams suffer in the long run.

Make Sure They’re Meeting on a Regular Basis

Finally, you should be making sure that cross-department meetings are happening on a regular basis. They need to be keeping up to date on each other’s tactics and communicating with each other about new strategies or changes. Having regular meetings ensures nothing gets mixed up and no wires are crossed in either team’s process. 

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