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Hotel Trends to Look for in 2020

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In the hotel industry, it is crucial to stay up to date with hotel trends that are continuously changing, year in and year out. 2020 will not be any different, as hotels will look for ways to stay a step ahead of the competition. There are many different hotel trends to keep your eye on in 2020, including hotel design and customer experience trends. In today’s blog post, Southeast International Hotel Brokers will look at three specific hotel trends to focus on in the upcoming year. 

Better Technology

Technology usage in hotels has been growing and evolving for the better part of two decades. From televisions to computer bays to Wi-Fi, hotel trends have often revolved around the latest technological advancement. In 2020, there are a variety of technology improvements to be on the lookout for. Smart hotels are becoming more popular, which includes automated checkout services and wireless data linking. Some hotels have even begun to utilize facial recognition technology at their properties. 5G internet connectivity is slated for release in 2020, so you can anticipate new and innovative IoT devices that will change the service and hospitality industry.

More Social Media and Digital Involvement

Advancing technology continues to underscore the importance of online presence and social media management. From optimized websites to engaging social media messaging, it’s important for hotels to have an impactful digital footprint. Increasing social media involvement is one hotel trend you will see in 2020, as hotels focus more on personal branding than they have in the past. In past years, hotel websites have been underutilized, with many choosing to book customers through a third-party booking website. If that is true of your hotel, look to change that in 2020.

Focus On Direct Booking

As noted, one of the reasons why people are more inclined to book a hotel from a third-party booking engine is because they are often more user-friendly. In 2020, however, hotels will spend more time and effort to boost their direct booking. It is crucial for hotels to have strong direct booking numbers to avoid third-party fees. The first step towards better direct booking is a well-designed website and an easy-to-use booking engine.

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