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Hotel Sales: What Factors Go Into Hotel Ratings

Ratings and Hotel Sales

Hotel Sales Advice: What Star Ratings Mean

It’s pretty easy to get confused about star ratings for hotels. Is there really that big of a difference between a 4-star and a 5-star hotel? The short answer is yes. The breakdown of star ratings is fairly nuanced, and there isn’t exactly a set standard to abide by. As hotel sales professionals, we need to know the quality of the hotels that we sell to our clients. That’s why we have done extensive research to make sure we are selling appropriately rated hotels for our clients’ needs. If you need a hotel sales expert to find you the property of your dreams, contact Southeast International today. For now, read on to learn about each star rating for hotels.


One-star hotels are pretty rare. These hotels meet only the most basic of needs. You won’t find much more than a bed and a bathroom in your accommodation. Sometimes the bathrooms may not even be private. These are economy rooms and cater to people who only plan on staying overnight and only need a bed to sleep on. Oftentimes housekeeping isn’t even available.


Much more common than one-stars, two-star hotels give you basic hotel expectations at an affordable price. You can expect to have private bathrooms and housekeeping services in these hotels. Usually, breakfast and free Wi-Fi is also offered. These rooms won’t be luxurious by any means, but they get the job done.


These are probably what you imagine when you think of a typical hotel. 24-hour front desk services, more comfortable accommodations and extra amenities such as pools and fitness centers define these hotels. Sometimes a three-star hotel may even have a restaurant on-site or room service. The prices for these are usually mid-range.


At the four-star hotel level, the word luxury begins to come into play. The accommodations are typically upscale and larger than typical rooms. Guest services are usually much more comprehensive at this level. Concierges, upscale lobbies, and decorations are commonplace at these establishments. Multiple restaurants may be located on the property, and room service is usually available at all times. These are a good bit more expensive than three-star, but the accommodations and services add a lot of value.


These hotels are the epitome of luxury. Guest services are all encompassing and staff will usually be attentive to your every need. Gourmet restaurants are available and deluxe amenities such as spas are also available. The decorations are top-notch and can be extravagant or eclectic, depending on the aesthetic. Either way, they create an experience. Five-star hotels can be very expensive, but you’re paying for more than just an accommodation; you’re paying to feel like royalty.

Southeast International, Experts in Hotel Sales

Here at Southeast International, we can find you the hotel that meets your specific needs. As hotel sales professionals, we are ready to find you a quality property. Our hotel sales team only finds the best hotels for you to buy. If you are interested in owning a great hotel, contact a hotel sales expert at Southeast International today.