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Hotel Sales Advice: How to Bring in Local Business to a Hotel

Hotel Sales Tips: Attracting Locals to Stay at Your Hotel

Local Business

Hotel owners are constantly looking for ways to increase their hotel sales, especially during the slower months. While you may be looking to market to travelers, it’s not a bad idea to try and shift some marketing efforts toward your own local community. There might be a surprisingly large market of locals willing to give your hotel their business. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blogs, we’ll give you some advice for increasing your hotel sales by appealing to locals.

Techniques to Increase Local Hotel Sales

Getting local hotel sales isn’t always an easy task, but it’s definitely possible with the right marketing tactics. Here are a few examples that may produce some great results:

Use All Your Resources

If your hotel has more than just rooms, make sure you’re utilizing everything you have to offer and marketing it. If you have a restaurant, that can definitely help to get people in the door. You should also make sure you’re marketing things like your meeting rooms and event spaces, if you have them.

Local businesses may want to make things easier for their outside clients by booking meeting rooms at the same hotel where their clients are staying. This gives you the opportunity to increase hotel sales through the room stays and meeting rooms.

Market the Experience

Staying in a hotel is fun and relaxing, no matter where you are — even if it’s a hotel in your own city! If you market your hotel as an experience to locals, they may consider staying there for a special occasion. Creating specialty vacation packages for couples is a good way to drive this kind of business.

Create an Event

Another good way to get local interest is to hold an event at your hotel and market it around town. For instance, consider having a food truck festival on your grounds. Sell tickets to get into the festival, and have a special package where you can get both a discounted room and tickets to the event. Not only will this drive local hotel sales, it can help to increase your brand awareness.

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