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Hotel Brokers Trend Watch: Sustainability in Hotels

Hotel Brokers Sustainability

Our Hotel Brokers Explain Sustainability Trends

Going green and being more sustainable is at the forefront of trends for many industries. Of course, the hospitality industry is no different. For many hotels, it makes sense to implement at least some sustainable practices. There are a variety of reasons for this, and today, in the Southeast international Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll go over some of these reasons.

The Move Toward Sustainability

More and more hotels are moving toward being more sustainable, and with good reason; there’s a lot to like when it comes to sustainability. First and foremost, you’re decreasing your environmental footprint, which everyone, including the environment, can appreciate. But that’s not the only reason hotels are making the move toward going green. There are more benefits to this practice than you might initially think. The best part is you don’t have to make extremely drastic changes. Your hotel doesn’t need to be entirely self-sufficient, as you’ll see benefits from adding just a few green practices. Our hotel brokers have seen many hotels reap various benefits from going green, but some benefits tend to stand out more than others.

The Benefits of Being Sustainable

As we mentioned before, the first benefit of being sustainable is that you reduce your impact on the environment. This benefit comes with another benefit attached. Your guests and potential guests will notice your efforts, if you choose to market them, which you should. Guests appreciate when businesses make an effort to be more green and sustainable, so there’s a good chance that going green may help you draw in more business. But drawing in more business isn’t the only way you’ll see your bottom line increase. Most green practices, though they have an initial cost to implement, tend to save you money in the long run. Whether you implement solar panels, more efficient water fixtures, more efficient light fixtures, smart thermostats, or anything of that sort, you’ll see that the utility costs will be much lower than they once were. Hotels use a lot of energy, and utility bills can be very high. Implementing green practices is one of the best ways to lower these significant costs.

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