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Our Hospitality Brokers Look at Hotel Food Trends

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Hospitality Brokers Trend Analysis: New Food & Beverage Trends

Our hospitality brokers are always paying attention to the latest trends in the hotel industry. Food and beverage trends in hotels change often, so it’s important to make sure your hotel is up to date. Today, in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, our hospitality brokers break down a food & beverage trend analysis.

Looking at the Latest Food Trends

There will always be new trends in food & beverage, but right now there are some trends that are going stronger than others. These are the trends our hospitality brokers are seeing a lot of.


Everyone loves brunch. When people are staying at a hotel, chances are they’re looking to sleep in. If breakfast ends at 10, they’re left having to go find somewhere outside the hotel to eat. By giving them a brunch option, you’re driving revenue to your hotel. Another common brunch offering is bottomless mimosas or bloody mary bars, so if this sounds like something your core demographic would enjoy, it’s worth considering implementing it into your hotel.

Craft Cocktails

We’ve talked about the rise of craft coffee in hotels before, but we haven’t talked about craft cocktails yet. More and more people are seeking out special experiences when they go out to drink, and that’s what a craft cocktail bar can supply. If you’re thinking of implementing craft cocktails into your hotel’s repertoire, make sure you have the logistics in place. You’ll want to hire some expert mixologists who can help you create a drink menu that matches your brand and who can serve these drinks to guests with a smile.

Locally Sourced Cuisine

Finally, guests love when their food has a local flavor to it. Not only will you be able to give your guests a taste of the city, you’ll be supporting local farmers and businesses by buying your ingredients from them. These types of restaurants can bring a lot of value to your hotel, especially if you have a rotating seasonal menu.

Whatever trends you’re thinking of implementing, our hospitality brokers recommend that you do some feasibility research and due diligence first. Are these trends something your guests would really be interested in? Is this something that appeals to your core demographic? If so, implementing one of these food & beverage trends could be a big win for your hotel’s bottom line.

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