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Our Hospitality Brokers Give Tips on Making the Most of Your PIPs

Hospitality Brokers PIPs

Hospitality Brokers Advice: Capitalize on Your PIPs

It’s important to realize that the state of your hotel plays a huge role in guest satisfaction and your bottom line. Although you have to spend money to make improvements, or PIPs, it’s well worth it in the long run. You just have to make sure you’re spending your money in the right places. Today in the Southeast International blog, our hospitality brokers will be going over why the state of your hotel is important and how properly initiating PIPs can bring your hotel to the next level.

View PIPs as Opportunities

In previous blogs, our hospitality brokers have talked about how PIPs should be viewed in a positive light. We stand by that statement! Always look at a PIP as an opportunity to add more value to your hotel. Take a look at guest reviews and past complaints. Is there anything in there that can be fixed with a PIP? If so, you can fix a common issue guests have and add value to your property at the same time. Remember, PIPs don’t always mean huge projects or changes. It can be as simple as implementing faster Wi-Fi plans or giving guests the ability to use their Netflix accounts on their in-room TVs. Simple changes like these can make guests happier and show them that you’re on top of the latest trends in hotel technology.

How You Can Capitalize on These Opportunities

Once you implement a PIP, don’t just assume that it will stand on its own and guests will latch onto it. You may have to put in some effort to help guests see the value you’re giving them. If you just added convenient mobile check-in, make sure you advertise it wherever possible. For instance, when they make their reservation online, you can include a blurb in the confirmation email saying something like “Skip the line with our new mobile check-in!” This shows guests that you’ve implemented new changes that are ready to use. Our team of hospitality brokers recommends advertising even bigger, obvious changes. Did you revamp the lobby with a brand new aesthetic? Make sure pictures of the new lobby are featured prominently on your website. Posting about it on social media lets your followers and loyal guests know they have something new to look forward to next time they book a stay.

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