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Hospitality Broker Advice: Be Cohesive with Your Franchise’s Image

Tips from Your Hospitality Brokers: Follow Corporate Branding Policies

Hospitality Broker and Branding

As a hotel owner of a franchised property, you have certain standards to meet. These standards are set to keep branding cohesive and the guest experience relatively the same across properties. Guests come to expect these standards, and that’s why they become a loyal customer to a franchise. Today in the Southeast International blog, our hospitality brokers explain why it’s important for you to maintain cohesiveness with corporate branding policies.

Brand Cohesiveness

Brand cohesiveness is very important for franchised properties. When a guest stays at a property they’re familiar with, they want to have the experience that property typically provides. The only way this happens is if the hotel is staying up to date with corporate’s latest policies and best practices. Plus, by making sure guests are satisfied with their experience, you give yourself the best chance of them becoming repeat customers at your location. It’s a win-win situation.

How to Stay Up to Date

Typically as a franchisee, you’ll receive all of the latest updates from corporate on a fairly regular basis. Making sure these policies are implemented falls on the shoulders of the hotel owner. For employee guidelines and policies, you simply need to update your training and make sure all employees are aware of the changes. For aesthetic changes or major changes in construction, you’ll need to look to PIPs, or property improvement plans. Property improvement plans were created to help hotels comply with the standards of the brand, so make sure you’re using them to your advantage.

Property improvement plans cover everything from maintenance issues to design elements, signage, landscaping, amenities, and more. Keep this in mind when making changes to your hotel.

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