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Guest Experience: After Their Stay

Guests leaving review

The guest experience is ever-evolving, and many hotels are engaging guests before, during, and even after their hotel experience. Engaging guests after they leave can be tricky though, because you don’t want to annoy them. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll talk about ways you can improve the guest experience even after they finish their stay.

Guest Experience After They Leave Your Hotel

After a guest leaves your hotel, there are a variety of ways you can engage with them:

Thanks for Staying

If a guest is subscribed to your email list or they have your app downloaded, you can send them a push notification thanking them for staying with you. It doesn’t have to be complicated or overbearing, just a simple appreciative note. You can take this even further by offering them a little something more.

Bonus Reward

Guests love getting loyalty points and rewards. Every once in awhile, sending them a surprise reward or points for staying as an extra bonus is something that will definitely stick out in your guest’s mind. It doesn’t have to be significant, even a coupon for the hotel restaurant they can use next time or a drink ticket is enough to show them that you truly value them as a guest.

Review and Survey

You don’t need to send this immediately, but following up with a survey and asking for a review is a good way to know what your guests are thinking and where they think you should improve. You can wrap this in with the bonus gift we talked about earlier. Give them the bonus points and mention that if they could leave a review and take the survey it would be greatly appreciated.

Email List Subscribers

If the guest isn’t already signed up for your email list, you can send an email asking if they want to join and try to add them to your loyalty program. These reach-out emails shouldn’t be pushy, but they should point out the potential benefits of staying up to date with your hotel. 

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