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Cutting Down on Plastic Waste in Your Hotel

Plastic waste is one of the most challenging waste products for businesses to eliminate. The problem of plastic waste is especially the case in the hotel industry. There are so many different ways that plastic is used; you may not even be aware of how much waste your hotel is creating. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can cut down on plastic use and make your hotel more environmentally friendly. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll talk about what you can do to reduce plastic waste at your hotel.

Hotels are Cutting Down on Plastic Waste

The time to reduce your plastic waste usage is now. Many businesses, like Starbucks, are vowing to eliminate things like plastic straws from their business in the next few years. These once lofty claims are now entirely possible, and affordable. Not only does it help your business cut down on their environmental footprint,but your customers will also appreciate your effort to be greener.


Of course, Starbucks isn’t the only business making this kind of effort. Major hotel brands such as Hilton, Hyatt, Four Seasons, Marriott, and more are all making efforts to reduce their plastic waste production. It’s essential to capitalize on this trend sooner rather than later, so your hotel isn’t left behind.

How You Can Cut Down

There are plenty of ways a hotel can cut down on plastic waste. Here are a few:

Eliminate Plastic Straws and Plastic Water Bottles

Just like Starbucks, many hotels are making efforts to get rid of plastic straws. Whether it’s for coffee, drinks at your hotel bar, or straws in the restaurant, you can replace them with eco-friendly alternatives. Also, plastic water bottles can be eliminated in your mini-bar, the front desk shop, and anywhere in your hotel.

Reduce Plastic Packaging

The packaging is one of the biggest producers of hotel plastic waste. Because of this it can be tricky to find a way to reduce this source of waste. Your first avenue should be communicating with your suppliers to see what options they have. They might have plastic-alternative packaging, or they may offer returnable packaging. Also, buying local can significantly reduce your plastic waste. Worst case scenario, you can always capitalize on our next suggestion…


Recycling is perhaps one of the easiest ways to lessen the impact of your plastic waste production. Making sure to recycle all of your plastic can make a big difference.

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