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Creating a Marketing Persona for Your Hotel

Marketing Persona

Marketing for hotels can be tough. That’s why understanding as many techniques as possible and utilizing the best ones can make a big difference in your marketing efforts. One popular marketing tactic is creating a marketing persona. But what’s a marketing persona and how can you create one for your hotel? In this Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll explain how.

What Is a Marketing Persona?

First, let’s define what we mean by marketing persona. A marketing persona is essentially a fictional personality type of someone who would visit your business. Since your customer base is probably fairly varied, you’ll need to create at least a few marketing personas. 

But why do you need a marketing persona in the first place? How does it help with marketing efforts? Great question! The reason these personas are useful is because they help you understand your target audience better. The better you understand your audience, the more focused and engaging your marketing content is for them. Plus, you can even use these personas when deciding on improvements and changes to make to your hotel. Now that we understand marketing personas better, let’s look at what we need to create one.

Creating a Persona for Your Hotel

To create a marketing persona, you’ll need to have a good amount of data to analyze. Things like user demographics can be found through Google Analytics. You can also collect information from your customers with surveys. Of course, you probably have a good idea of the type of customers your hotel attracts, so this can inform the process too. Once you have enough data, you can build out a persona. Let’s do a quick example.

Your person should have a name, a job, demographic information, and why they would want to visit your hotel based on personality traits. Let’s say you own a boutique hotel that champions sustainable practices and is known to be one of the more trendy hotels in town. An example persona might look like this: 

Tessa the Traveler

Job: Remote Social Media Marketer

Age: 26-32

Gender: Female

Salary: $80,000

Education: College Degree

Family: Single, no kids

Tessa enjoys the freedom in her life and the expendable income her job allows her. She doesn’t mind spending money on nicer things, as long as she gets a good experience out of it. She lives an active, on-the-go lifestyle and is well-traveled. This means she expects a lot out of the hotels she stays at and will only choose a hotel if they have a great reputation. She gets frustrated when hotels don’t offer something different than the typical stay, and prefers to stay at an AirBnb or something similar if their isn’t a unique enough hotel in the area.

This example persona breaks down the type of person Tessa is, her demographic information, what she likes, and her frustrations. With this information at hand, it’s much easier to create an engaging ad for this type of person. 

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