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Choosing Furniture for Your Independent Hotel

Success in the independent hotel industry is all about standing out from the crowd. You have to create a strong identity that will appeal to a wide variety of people. Your branding and design play a significant part in this appeal. A vital factor in your interior design is the furniture you choose for your lobby, rooms, and other areas of the hotel. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll talk about choosing the right furniture for your property.

Creating an Aesthetic for Your Boutique Hotel

As we mentioned, your branding is one of the most important aspects of owning an independent hotel. Part of your branding is your overall design and aesthetic. Obviously, your hotel furniture will need to stick to this aesthetic in order to sell the feel and image you are trying to create. Once you have created a strong aesthetic, you can move on to selecting furniture and decor that matches and reflects that aesthetic.   

Choosing the Right Furniture

Considering your brand aesthetic is essential to this part of the process, but you should also be considering overall trends in the industry as well. These two concepts can be hard to marry so when in doubt, stick to your brand aesthetic. Again, you want to create that brand identity above all else. Here are some examples of the different types of furniture you might buy, depending on your hotel’s unique identity:

Sustainable Hotels – If your angle is a hotel with a small environmental footprint with sustainability in mind, your furniture should fall in line with that ideal. Luckily, there are plenty of sustainable furniture options available. Not only will this help to set your sustainable hotel apart, but many guests will also appreciate your effort to lessen your impact on the environment.

Health and Wellness Hotels – If your hotel is focused on renewal, rejuvenation, health, and wellness, your furniture needs to reflect it. Your furniture should be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The color tones should also mesh well with the health and wellness theme. Blues, greys, greens, whites and other similar colors are great for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Luxury Hotels – ‘Plush’ should be at the forefront of your mind if you are creating a luxurious atmosphere. Your furniture should be extremely comfortable and luxurious. Your guests should feel like they are entering a lavish paradise.

Of course, every independent hotel is unique. You will have to work with your interior design team to truly find the right feel for your space.

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