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Negotiation Tips for Selling a Hotel

Selling a Hotel and Negotiating

Good Negotiation Tactics When Selling a Hotel When you’re selling a hotel, it’s good to have some go-to negotiation tactics to help make sure you get the best deal possible. Today in the Southeast International Hotel Brokers blog, we’ll highlight…

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Taking Quality Pictures for Your Hotel Listing

Hotel Listing Pictures

Your Hotel Listing Needs High Quality Pictures One of the most common ways people will look for your hotel when you’re selling is through hotel listings. But if you don’t have a quality hotel listing, you’ll be missing out on…

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Staying Open While Selling a Hotel

Selling a Hotel Open Sign

You Should Stay Open While Selling a Hotel When you’re selling a hotel, it’s common to have some questions. If it’s your first time selling a hotel, you may wonder if having it for sale will affect business at all.…

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Selling a Hotel: Selling Seasonal Resorts

Selling a Hotel Resort

Selling a Hotel: Seasonal Resort Tactics Selling a hotel isn’t always a straightforward process. Different types of hotels will attract different buyers and need different types of marketing to get them sold. That’s why companies like Southeast International Hotel Brokers…

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Hospitality Broker Advice: Partnering with a University

Hospitality Broker in University

Hospitality Broker Analysis: Benefits of Working with a University As hospitality brokers, we see a lot of unique ways that hotel owners bring in revenue. One method we’ve seen that can prove especially lucrative is partnering with a university in…

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