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Motels for Sale: Things to Look for in a Motel Listing

What Makes a Good Motel Listing? What to Look for When Searching for Motels for Sale Not all motel listings are the same. Some listing are much higher quality than others. Some may not include the amount of information you…

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Selling a Hotel: Marketing the Special Features

Marketing Features when Selling a Hotel When you’re selling a hotel, it’s important to always put your best foot forward. Showing buyers what makes your hotel great is sure to help you sell your hotel faster. You definitely need to…

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What to Avoid When Looking at Motels for Sale

Things You Don’t Want to Be Looking for When Searching for Motels for Sale When you’re looking at motels for sale, it’s important to do your research and make sure you make a good investment. There are plenty of great…

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Hotels for Sale: Why Invest in a Midscale Hotel?

Investing in Hotels for Sale: Why Choose Midscale? When you’re looking at hotels for sale, there are a lot of considerations you need to make. Namely, what hotel is going to be the best investment for you? With the wide…

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Selling a Hotel vs. Selling a Motel

Broker Selling a Hotel and Motel

Is Selling a Hotel Much Different from Selling a Motel? Selling a hotel and selling a motel are two different endeavors, but the processes also have some things in common. Here at Southeast International Hotel Brokers, we have experience selling…

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Getting the Best Price When Selling a Hotel

Selling a Hotel for a Good Price

Selling a Hotel for the Best Price Possible When you’re selling a hotel, getting the best price is at the top of your priorities. Even if you’re selling because you need to get rid of it quickly, you still want…

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Common Mistakes When Selling a Hotel

Selling a Hotel with Mistakes

Selling a Hotel for the First Time Isn’t Easy: Avoid These Mistakes Selling a hotel isn’t easy for anyone, but it’s especially difficult if it’s your first time or you don’t have experience selling properties. It’s easy for sellers to…

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Information Needed for a Hotel Listing

Hotel Listing with Info

Important Things to Have in a Hotel Listing Your hotel listing plays a crucial role in selling your hotel. You need to make sure you’re providing buyers with a listing that is informative and comprehensive. Luckily, with help from Southeast…

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