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What are Self-Service Hotels?

What are Self-Service Hotels? One emerging trend in hotel technology is the self-service kiosk. This is definitely an interesting concept, considering hotels depend on hospitality in order to be successful. With that being said, does the self-service kiosk merit a…

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Trends for Guest Acquisition Costs in the Hotel Industry

Trends for Guest Acquisition Costs in the Hotel Industry Guest acquisition and the costs associated with it is an ever-pervasive part of the hotel industry. As a hotel owner, you have to make sure you’re getting the best data and…

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Can Social Media Influencers Help My Hotel?

Can Social Media Influencers Help My Hotel? Social media is a great way to boost your hotel’s brand and update anyone who follows you about what’s going on. But there are many facets of social media marketing. One of the…

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Hotel Technology: Chatbots

Hotel Technology: Chatbots The hotel industry is always integrating new technologies to make things easier for hotel owners, staff, and guests. One technology that has been gaining traction lately is chatbot technology. Implementing chatbots on your website can streamline a…

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Tips for Managing Your Hotel

Tips for Managing Your Hotel Hotel managers definitely deal with a lot in their daily duties. A good hotel manager is constantly learning and improving the way their hotel runs. Being adaptable is important too since technology rapidly changes and…

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Create an Engaging Hotel Blog

Hotel Blog Post

Create an Engaging Hotel Blog Most hotels have a website, and that’s an important part of having an online presence, but not all hotel websites have a dedicated blog. This is definitely a missed opportunity. There’s a ton of reasons…

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Reputation Management for Hotels

Reputation management concept

Why Reputation Management is Important for the Hotel Industry If you’re in the hospitality industry, your profitability depends on you having a good reputation. People want to stay somewhere where they know they’re going to have a good experience. That’s…

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Hotel Management Trend: Employee Recognition

Working with employees

Recognizing Your Employees In the hospitality industry, your staff is one of your most essential assets. They’re basically the face of your company. When your guests come to your hotel, it isn’t you that they’re interacting with, they’re interacting with…

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