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Reputation Management for Hotels

Reputation management concept

Why Reputation Management is Important for the Hotel Industry If you’re in the hospitality industry, your profitability depends on you having a good reputation. People want to stay somewhere where they know they’re going to have a good experience. That’s…

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Hotel Management Trend: Employee Recognition

Working with employees

Recognizing Your Employees In the hospitality industry, your staff is one of your most essential assets. They’re basically the face of your company. When your guests come to your hotel, it isn’t you that they’re interacting with, they’re interacting with…

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Why Should You Choose Direct Booking When You Buy A Hotel?

Buy a hotel with direct booking

When You Buy a Hotel, Direct Booking Can Be Very Beneficial to Your Business As you search through property listings to buy a hotel, Southeast International is here to guide you through this process, offering guidance and answers to some…

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Understanding Environmental Inspections for Hotels for Sale

Hotels for sale inspection

Hotels for Sale and the Inspection Process The general environment of any property, especially a commercial property like a hotel or motel, is an important component. The “environment” is broadly defined as the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions or influences,…

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Types of Hotels for Sale in the Midwest

Hotels for sale and hotel interior

A Variety of Hotels for Sale Can Be Found Throughout the Midwest Variety is the spice of life, we’re told, and that holds true for the Midwestern section of the United States. From the Dakotas in the north to Missouri…

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How to Stay Organized During the Hotel Sales Process

Man contemplating hotel sales options

Sorting Out the Complex Hotel Sales Process Real estate can be the biggest investment of anyone’s lifetime, whether it is purchasing a home or purchasing property as a business investment. The process of purchasing real estate is fraught with details…

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