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What are Metasearch Engines?

If you are in the hotel industry, you may be familiar with metasearch engines. They are pretty much an unavoidable part of the hotel industry, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways in which you can take advantage of them.…

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Importance of Branding for Independent Hotels

Branding concept

Depending on where you start your independent hotel business, chances are the market is already fairly saturated. This shouldn’t deter you though. Boutique hotels can thrive if they find a niche and create a standout brand. In this Southeast International…

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Using Messaging for Guest Engagement

Direct messaging app

New technologies are continually emerging in the hotel industry. Staying on top of these trends is vital if you want to stay relevant, but that’s why you also need to weed out the trends that don’t have lasting potential. In…

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Can Social Media Influencers Help My Hotel?

Can Social Media Influencers Help My Hotel? Social media is a great way to boost your hotel’s brand and update anyone who follows you about what’s going on. But there are many facets of social media marketing. One of the…

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Hotel Technology: Chatbots

Hotel Technology: Chatbots The hotel industry is always integrating new technologies to make things easier for hotel owners, staff, and guests. One technology that has been gaining traction lately is chatbot technology. Implementing chatbots on your website can streamline a…

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Ideas for Marketing During the Shoulder Season

Ideas for Marketing During the Shoulder Season The shoulder season certainly isn’t the busiest time for the hotel business, but it’s still ripe with opportunities. With the right marketing tactics, you can bring in plenty of guests during this time.…

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Create an Engaging Hotel Blog

Hotel Blog Post

Create an Engaging Hotel Blog Most hotels have a website, and that’s an important part of having an online presence, but not all hotel websites have a dedicated blog. This is definitely a missed opportunity. There’s a ton of reasons…

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How to Get Your Hotel on Google Trips

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How to Get Your Hotel on Google Trips Travel is becoming easier and easier to plan with apps, OTAs, and more. Google Trips has especially made things easier for travelers in the past few years. But how can you best…

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Google Ads for Hotel Marketing Strategies

Person looking at an online ad

Google Ads for Hotel Marketing Strategies At this point, digital marketing isn’t something that a business can avoid implementing in their marketing strategy. One of the best tools to improve your digital marketing efforts is Google Ads. In this blog,…

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