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Hotel Sales: The Importance of Wi-Fi

Hotel Sales & Wi-Fi In today’s world of easily attainable conveniences, hotel guests expect certain amenities with their stay. These often include a business and fitness center, free parking, room service and most importantly, Wi-Fi. In the realm of hotel…

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Why Buy a Hotel When There Is Airbnb?

you inherit an infrastructure and staff when you buy a hotel

Should You Buy a Hotel or List Properties on a Rental Website? Each new year and each generation brings with it something new. With the rise of Millennials and the internet age comes the rise of the shared economy. The…

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Hotel Sales Tips: Technology Upgrades

Hotel sales with man using technology

Benefits of Technology and Hotel Sales If you are thinking about putting your hotel on the market, you may also be thinking about ways to increase your hotel’s value. Hotel sales is a very strategic and complex process. In many…

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