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Trend Watch: Wellness Hospitality

Hotel Trends: Implementing Wellness Hospitality in Your Hotel People are very attracted to the wellness trend, and hotels that use it well have definitely reaped the benefits. It’s enough to make everyone want to jump on the trend as well.…

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Trend Breakdown: Using the Internet of Things in Hotels

Hotel Trends: The Internet of Things Technology advances at an incredible rate and the hospitality industry has continually benefited from these advances. Everything from online booking to rewards systems integrated into online accounts has made things much more convenient for…

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Benefits of Specialty Loyalty Programs

Advice from Your Hospitality Brokers: Consider Specialty Loyalty Programs It’s highly likely that you already have a loyalty program in place for your guests. It makes sense that you’d want to reward guests that frequently stay at your hotel. For…

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Hospitality Brokers on Summer Travel Trends

Our Hospitality Brokers Break Down Some 2018 Summer Travel Trends As summer gets into full swing, it’s important to start paying attention to the latest summer travel trends. Knowing what people are looking for this summer can help give you…

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