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Hotel Trends

Knowledge Sharing in the Hotel Industry

If you are in the hotel industry, you are likely always looking at the latest trends and trying to stay up-to-date. Keeping track of all the best practices across the industry can be an overwhelming task for anyone. That is…

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Unique Amenities to Offer

Enjoying hotel amenities

One of the best parts of staying at a hotel is enjoying the various amenities they have to offer. Many amenities are expected at this point, but you can really stand out in the minds of your guests by offering…

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Business Travel Trends for 2019

Business traveler at hotel

As a hotel owner, you need to appeal to a variety of customer demographics. One particular demographic that tends to bring in a lot of revenue is business travel. By capitalizing on business travel trends, you can make the most…

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Outdoor Spaces to Have at Your Hotel

Outdoor hotel space

Guests like to have varied community spaces when they stay at a hotel. Including an outdoor space could be especially enticing for any would-be guest. Having an outdoor space at your hotel can provide a lot of benefits. Today in…

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Different Types of Hotels

Browsing hotels online

When you start browsing hotels for sale, it’s good to get an idea of what type of hotel you’ll want to purchase. There are actually a wide variety of different hotel types to choose from, each with their own unique…

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What are Self-Service Hotels?

What are Self-Service Hotels? One emerging trend in hotel technology is the self-service kiosk. This is definitely an interesting concept, considering hotels depend on hospitality in order to be successful. With that being said, does the self-service kiosk merit a…

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Hotel Technology: Chatbots

Hotel Technology: Chatbots The hotel industry is always integrating new technologies to make things easier for hotel owners, staff, and guests. One technology that has been gaining traction lately is chatbot technology. Implementing chatbots on your website can streamline a…

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Looking Forward: Trends to Check Out in 2019

2019 Trends concept

Looking Forward: Trends to Check Out in 2019 With a new year comes new trends. The hotel industry is ever-changing and only gets more exciting as the years go by. Technologies, travel habits, and more are in constant flux and…

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