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What Makes a Bad Guest Experience

Frustrated guest

In the hospitality industry, bad guest experiences are a worst case scenario. Your entire business depends on guests enjoying their stay so, when they have a bad experience, you want to do everything you can to fix it and prevent…

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How to Give Employees Autonomy

Employees happy and smiling

Hotel managers have to do what their name implies, manage their employees. But that doesn’t mean they should have to walk them through every step of their jobs at all times. Employees need to have a decent degree of autonomy.…

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Making Your Hotel More Family-Friendly

Making Your Hotel More Family-Friendly Families contribute a good amount to hotel profits, especially since more and more families have been booking vacations in the past few years. To take advantage of this travel trend, it’s a good idea to…

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Tips for Managing Your Hotel

Tips for Managing Your Hotel Hotel managers definitely deal with a lot in their daily duties. A good hotel manager is constantly learning and improving the way their hotel runs. Being adaptable is important too since technology rapidly changes and…

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Hotel Management Trend: Employee Recognition

Working with employees

Recognizing Your Employees In the hospitality industry, your staff is one of your most essential assets. They’re basically the face of your company. When your guests come to your hotel, it isn’t you that they’re interacting with, they’re interacting with…

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Dealing with the Cost of Hotel Renovations

Making a payment

How to Handle the Hotel Renovation Costs Renovation costs for hotels have been steadily building over the years. This can be difficult to deal with, especially if you run a franchised property that requires these renovations. But what’s causing these…

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