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After You Buy a Hotel: Hiring a Concierge

Buy a Hotel with a Concierge

Consider a Concierge After You Buy a Hotel After you buy a hotel, you’ll want to start hiring your staff. There are the more obvious positions, such as front desk clerks and cleaners, but what about specialty staff? One great…

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What Amenities to Offer After You Buy a Hotel

Consider Your Amenities When You Buy a Hotel Most hotels are expected to have a certain amount of amenities. Some amenities are practically required, while some might put your hotel a step above your competitors. When you buy a hotel…

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Insurance to Acquire When You Buy a Hotel

You Need to Get Insurance When You Buy a Hotel When you buy a hotel, you’ll inevitably need to get some insurance policies. Any business requires insurance, but do you know exactly what kind of insurance you’ll need? It’s best…

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Southeast International: Motel Safety Precautions

Southeast International & Motel Safety As a motel owner, one of your top priorities should be the safety of your guests. This will protect your customers from harm, as well as protect your best interest as a property owner. Nothing…

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Benefits of Mobile Reservations on Hotel Sales

Hotel Sales and Mobile Reservations At Southeast International Hotel Brokers, we know a thing or two about hotel sales. One thing that has become abundantly clear over the past decade is the importance that the internet plays in room rentals,…

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