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After You Buy a Hotel – Marketing to Millennials

Buy a Hotel & Millennials

After You Buy a Hotel: The Millennial Demographic

In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of keeping your various demographics in mind when marketing. Today, we’ll look at millennials specifically. Millennials are a huge market for the hospitality industry. They’re more eager to travel than any other generation, and they outnumber baby boomers by a few million. If we haven’t made it obvious, you can’t afford to ignore marketing to this group. After you buy a hotel, you should start making your marketing strategy, and be sure to include some of the techniques we discuss today.

What Millennials are Looking for

Innovative Technology

Millennials are a tech-savvy generation. Hotels that don’t account for this will not only disinterest them, it will frustrate them. Your hotel needs to be current on the latest tech trends. This means Netflix in the rooms, mobile app reservations, free Wi-Fi and more. Investing in technology upgrades doesn’t just make you more appealing to millennials, it makes you more appealing in general. Just because other generations aren’t as tech-savvy, doesn’t mean they don’t eventually adopt the technologies.

An Experience

Millennials also are extremely experience-oriented. They want to get a taste of the culture of the location they stay at. This is why the sharing economy has risen in popularity so much. It gives them the opportunity to actually “live” in the city during their stay. This doesn’t mean hotels can’t capitalize on this wanderlust. Boutique hotels can reflect the culture of the surrounding areas with their decor. We’ve also discussed how you should consider hiring a concierge when you buy a hotel. This is because a concierge can create an experience for the guests. They can map out the best things to do to get a feel of the cities. Millennials appreciate this extra mile of personalization when they go on trips.

Social Media

Finally, and we’ve probably driven this into the ground at this point, but you need to have a social media strategy for your hotel. When you buy a hotel, the easiest way to reach new customers is through the power of social media. Millennials are especially drawn to businesses that make full use of social media for marketing purposes and to connect with guests directly.

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